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Event Ticket

Event Ticket

- $10 Entry, sign up on Direct Link - 1 day, 3 rounds, 400 pt fleets

- 135 minutes each, 10 minute break after round 1 and 45 minute break after round 2

- New rounds will not be started after 135 minutes. Overtime will not exceed 10 minutes. All other rules to match standard organized play rules for a Relaxed level event where possible

- full rules at


How do i play Armada Online?

- Welcome! you can go to the Armada Hub discord server and ask a new player helper or use the guide. Tabletop Simulator is a Steam game which costs around $10-20 USD. you will be able to participate in the event with discord, a free social media app. Check out the new player channel to get started. Here is the link


Good luck padawan!


special tournament rulings:

Rulings will follow AMG's clarification on the rules forum (linked below).

Commander Anakin Skywalker's salvo attack effect is considered a separate attack for the purposes of spending defence tokens by the attacker and the defender.

Rulings to note: General Draven's opponent may spend a dial and token of the same type to resolve the effect of two tokens of the same type.


- Deadline to submit fleets is 24 hrs before event starts

- Posted start time is the 'check in' time

- 15 minutes after posted start time is the 'dice roll' time

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